Car Kits

In addition to your primary kit at home, make sure you’re prepared whenever you’re in your personal
Your car kit should include these basic supplies:
 Bottled or stored water
 High-protein, high-energy food
 First-aid kit
 Blankets
 Flashlight/batteries
 Radio/batteries
 Basic sanitation supplies
 Warm clothing
 Sturdy shoes or boots
 Rain-gear, hat and gloves
 Paper and pencils or pens
In addition, be sure you’re ready for road emergencies. A car kit should include:
 Jumper cables
 Ice scraper
 Lock de-icer
 Flares
 Small tool kit
 Maps
 Compass
 Shovel
 Sand
More Car Kit Tips:
Be sure to check your car kit supplies at least twice a year. Variations in heat and cold shorten the
life of stored food and can deteriorate first-aid items and other materials like plastic and rubber.
If you leave your vehicle, leave a note on the dashboard stating when you left, where you went and
any contact information.


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