Dear Community Organization Leader,

I am reaching out to you to emphasize The Brigantine Police Department’s renewed commitment to community policing.  We would like to attend one of your meetings and present some of our services that may be beneficial to your organization.  We have always supported our community and tried to foster partnerships for the benefit of the community in which we serve.  Historically, we have provided traffic control, crowd control and a police presence, just to name a few services, which provides safety to our community and your events.  These partnerships are essential for everyone.  Our department has already taken many proactive steps towards achieving our partnership goals.

Please contact Lt. Tim Reed  Lt. Rob Rubino or Detective Brian Feehan at the numbers I have listed below to arrange a meeting.  We look forward to hearing from you and meeting with your organization.

Lieutenant Tim Reed 609-266-7414 or

Lieutenant Rob Rubino:  609-266-7600 ext: 268

Detective Brian Feehan:  609-266-7600 ext: 284


Chief John E. Stone

Brigantine Police Department


Mission Statement: The Brigantine Police Department along with the men and women who fill its ranks, is committed to “Protect and Serve” every citizen, visitor, and business owner of our community with the most efficient and reliable professionalism expected of a law enforcement agency.   We are dedicated to preserving the constitutional rights of every individual, all the while respecting their dignity and humanity, regardless of race, religion, creed or gender.

Integrity ~ Honor ~ and Protection.

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