Police Blotter for- August 22 2012

 For the week ending August 22, 2012 , the Brigantine Police Department responded to approximately 400 calls for service, including 76 Motor Vehicle Stops/Incidents (with 37 Summonses issued), 4 DWI arrests and 5 Traffic Accidents. Our Special Officers also issued 4 No 4×4 Permit summonses and 2 beach alcohol violations.

August 15th: a 27 year old Absecon male was arrested on outstanding warrants by Officer Brown.

August 17th, David Crawford Jr (age 31 of Brigantine) was arrested and charged with DWI, Speeding, Reckless Driving, and Failure to Exhibit Documents by Officer Glasser.

August 17th, Robert Martin (age 49 of Brigantine) was arrested and charged with DWI, Careless Driving, Unlicensed Driver, Unregistered Vehicle and Uninsured Vehicle, by Officer Lyons.

August 18th, Carlos Delgado (age 44 of Atlantic City) was arrested and charged with DWI, Refusal to Submit to Breath Testing, Unregistered Vehicle, Fictitious Tags and Driving while Suspended by Officer Glasser.

August 18th, Julie Conti (age 39 of Harrisburg Pa.) was arrested and charged with Disorderly Conduct by Officer Ferris.

August 19th, Cynthia Ortiz (age 29 of Delair NJ) was arrested and charged with DWI and Refusal to Submit to Breath Testing by Detective Ward.

August 19th, a 51 year old Philadelphia male was arrested on an outstanding warrant by Officer Lyons.

We ask for your continued vigilance and remind our residents to keep your vehicles and homes locked!

All persons listed are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

As a reminder, anyone with information on a crime or wishing to report a crime can anonymously contact the Brigantine Police Department 609-266-7414 or Atlantic County Crime Stoppers tip line at 1-800-658-8477

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