Scam Alert – Solicitations for Donations by Telephone!

Often the telephone solicitors claim they represent an official law enforcement agency or group that works with the local PBA etc… These callers may sound convincing and even provide a local Post Office Box number to mail your donation to.

The Brigantine Police and PBA 204 does NOT solicit or support any group soliciting for donations by telephone.

If you feel that you have been scammed or about to be  contact your local police department.@609-266-7414


Brigantine PBA 204

The Brigantine P.B.A. 204 understands that you may receive many phone calls from outside organizations claiming to be affiliated with local law enforcement. These solicitors and telemarketers DO NOT represent us. To prevent fraud, the Brigantine P.B.A. will only correspond using the “mail in” system and will NEVER under any circumstances come to your residence to solicit or collect any contributions.
We are accepting donations online through PayPal. Just visit the donations page , click on the PayPal donations button and follow the online instructions. You still have the option to send in your donation via mail..

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