Hurricane Sandy Update from Chief John E. Stone To the Residents and Homeowners of Brigantine Beach NJ,

I hope this message finds all residents, homeowners, and visitors of Brigantine Beach NJ   secure and safe. We all have survived one of the most powerful hurricanes/storms to hit Brigantine Beach. We have also witness the first time in Brigantine History the President of the United States Barack Obama visiting Brigantine Beach after the disaster. There has been significant damage to Brigantine Beach, but as a community we will move forward helping each other along the way. Like President Obama said, “Together We Can Make a Difference”.   President Obama reminded us all how we can make a difference in helping our fellow Americans in the wake of a disaster. Our Officers have worked throughout the hurricane with most officers working 17 hour shifts and others working 22-24 hours straight. Some officers like you have significant damage to their homes, but chose to not to put themselves first.  

Most of the power has been restored on the island. Please remember safety first. Please do not attempt to touch fallen or damaged power lines as we do not know which ones still have power. Report the damaged power lines to our dispatch center.

Road Crews have been working 24 hours a day to clear the streets. Please place your debris curbside in the street but in a manner as to not block traffic.  If the crew has already passed your residence, it will be back soon on a rotational basis.

Thank You to the New Jersey State Police who over the past few days sent teams of Troopers to assist our Officers.  Residents are telling me that some have even helped them carry damaged items from their homes.  Your Officers are also working around the clock to make sure that the city is safe. We have deployed a high visibility team of marked patrol vehicles to deter crime and thefts. If you have any questions please stop one of our officers for advice.  

We will also continue to forward information as it becomes available.

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These social media sites are part of Brigantine Police Department’s Operation and will provide real-time information in reference to road closings, flooding issues, power outages and shelter locations. It will also give residents the ability to communicate with the police department even when they have no power by using their cell phone. I urge all residents full-time and part-time to sign up for

I have heard some incredible stories of neighbors coming together supporting each other in this time of need.  If you have an elderly person on your block please check on them and make sure they are ok.  We are all in this together and I just can’t express my appreciation to each and every one of you for working with us. 

Please keep in mind for the safety of you and your family members that:                                             

ü  Our website and social networking pages have additional links to emergency preparedness guidelines, weather sites and storm tracking websites.

ü  If you have an emergency fire, medical or police issue, call 9- 1-1 immediately.

ü  All non- emergency calls should be directed to the police department dispatch center @ (609) 266-7414. Our Highly Trained Tecommunication Officers will assist you with whatever your needs are.

ü   For your safety, if you see barricades across a roadway, do not cross them. They are there to indicate electrical wires down, a flooding conditions or some other type hazard. Please find an alternate route. There is alot of  heavy machinery on the roadway , please try not to get in their way.



Thank you for your cooperation and patience

Chief John E. Stone

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