Protect your pipes from freezing weather!

Freezing weather can take its toll on you and your home. The Brigantine Police  Department  reminds you to make a thorough check of your home to protect water lines against the possible expense and inconvenience of loss of service due to frozen water lines.
During freezing weather
Do not keep crawl space, basement or garage doors open during cold periods.  The cold air could freeze exposed pipes.  Pipes should be properly insulated to prevent freezing. If you are unable to insulate your pipes that have frozen in past winters – particularly on sub-zero nights or periods of low usage – you may want to keep a trickle of water running from any faucet that will cause water to flow through the problem section of the pipe. During extremely cold periods, this trickle should be a steady stream the size of a pencil. Be sure to keep the drain clear of obstructions to prevent the basin from overflowing. While you will be billed for the water used, this procedure is using a minimal amount of water and may prevent more costly plumbing repairs and water loss caused by broken pipes.
Watch for reduced water flow, particularly in one faucet or one section of your home during cold weather. This may indicate a pipe beginning to freeze.
The Brigantine  Water Utility strives to ensure a safe, reliable water supply to your home. A Customer Service Representative 609-266-7800  is available to answer your questions and provide as much help as we can if you experience frozen water line problems. However, care and custody of the pipes from the curb, up to and inside the home are your responsibility. If water is unavailable in only a portion of your home, or if your neighbors are not experiencing a problem, the obstruction may be in a section of pipe that is your responsibility. You may want to contact your plumber.
Brigantine  Water Utility Dial 609-266-7800
Non Emergency Dial 609-266-7414

Emergency Dial 911

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