School Traffic Pattern Changes

schooll safetyAugust 25, 2014
Dear Parents,
The Brigantine Police Department has encouraged the school to make some changes to the traffic patterns at the Brigantine Schools. This is an effort to promote safety for our children and alleviate some of the congestion during the beginning and end of the school days. Effective the start of the 2014-2015 school year the following changes will take place.
The school buses will now drop off and pick up students on the Lafayette Place side of the school. There will be no parking in this area, except for the school buses. The designated drop and pick up for middle school students will be along East Evans Blvd on the school side. There will continue to be crossing guards at Lafayette Place, Putnam Place, Roosevelt Blvd and Quay Blvd. At the end of the Middle School arrival and dismissal, the Putnam Place crossing guard will then move to the Horseshoe (Hamilton Place).
The designated drop off and pick up for Elementary students will be on East Evans Blvd by the Playground (just before the Horseshoe on East Evans Blvd). There will be a crossing guard at Hamilton Place (Horseshoe) to assist students.
As previously stated, the goal of these changes is to provide a safer method of dropping off and picking up your children. A police officer will be at the school, for the first couple of weeks, to assist motorists and pedestrians with the new changes.


Timothy J Reed
Chief of Policeschoolbus

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