ATM Safety

SToo often, people can be targeted by criminals at ATMs. There are things you can do to protect yourself by selecting an ATM to use:
– Know your surroundings. Look first before going to the ATM of who might be watching.
– Make sure no one is looking over your shoulder. Block while entering your PIN.
– When possible, find an ATM that’s monitored by a security officer.
– Avoid ATM machines at the corner of buildings where there are blind angles a would-be robber could approach from. Look for an ATM in the middle of a building where you can see anyone approaching from either side.
– Look for an ATM machine with a wide-angle, continuously running surveillance camera, and one that’s in a well-lit location.
– Be aware of the people in the nearby vicinity, look for suspicious behavior, someone sitting in a parked car nearby or anything that seems strange. If you don’t feel safe, cancel the transaction and leave. Be watchful of activity around you during your transaction.
– Don’t wear expensive jewelry or take other valuable items to the ATM; these provide an added incentive for would-be thieves.

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