Make sure your car isn’t a target for thieves

Prevent your car from being broken into. Thefts from cars are most often crimes of opportunity in which a thief sees an easy target. Reduce the chances that a criminal will want to break into your vehicle by taking some common sense steps.

– At home, park your car in a garage if you have one or in the driveway rather than on the street.

– Use theft deterrent systems such as car alarms, wheel lock devices, kill switches, etc.

– Always park in well lit areas.

– In parking lots, park in high traffic areas rather than distant corners of the lot.

– Remove all loose items of value such as cell phones, laptops or tablets, jewelry, etc. from view inside the car and lock them in the trunk.

– Contact police if you see someone acting suspiciously in a parking area. 609-266-7414

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