Auto Theft Prevention

There are no guaranteed theft prevention practices or devices. However, you can reduce your risk by making it as difficult as possible for a thief to steal your car.

Harden” the Target and eliminate the Opportunity

  • Lock all doors and roll up the windows when leaving your car unattended
  • Take your keys with you; don’t leave them in the ignition—even when you’re “just running into the store for a minute”—this is like handing your keys to a thief!
  • Do not hide a second set of keys in/on your car
  • Replace all door lock buttons with the slim, tapered lock buttons
  • Park in well-lighted areas
  • Park in attended lots, when possible
  • Never attach a tag with your name and/or address to a key ring
  • Leave only an unmarked ignition key with parking attendants
  • Never let a potential buyer test-drive your car alone
  • Park your car in your garage, if you have one
  • Lock your car even when it’s parked in your garage
  • Lock your garage door
  • Park with your wheels turned toward the curb
  • Install and use a car alarm
  • Install and use a steering wheel lock
  • Install and use an electrical kill switch
  • Install and use a fuel interrupter switch
  • Install an electronic tracking device
  • Consider using tire locks/boots if your car will be parked for an extended period of time
  • Avoid parking your car on the street
  • Avoid leaving your car unattended in public parking lots for extended periods of time
  • Have your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) etched on windows, doors and other car parts
  • Some newer cars have electronic coded keys—use them
  • Visible packages can attract thieves; put packages out of sight or in the trunk
  • Never loan your car or keys to an acquaintance
  • Ask your neighbors to watch your vehicle when you are out of town
  • Secure motorcycles, ATVs, etc., to a fixed object with a heavy chain and padlock
  • Make sure you activate all anti-theft devices—better yet, install a device which automatically activates when you leave the vehicle
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