Did You See That?

If you saw someone commit a crime, do you think you could accurately
describe what they looked like or the vehicle they were driving? Crimes can happen
almost in the blink of an eye and sometimes what a witness or victim sees and
remembers can be crucial in helping law enforcement solve the crime.
When you call 9-1-1, you will be asked all the pertinent questions, but having an idea
ahead of time of what to look for will help the officers in looking for the perpetrator
and ultimately solving the crime.
Describing a Person
Basic Description
Gender, ethnicity, approximate age, height, weight and build.
Additional Personal Description
Hair style and color, eye color,facial hair, jewelry, tattoos, glassesor anything else that would assist
in identifying the person.
Type and color; hat, shirt, jacket,pants, shorts, belt, shoes, gloves-head to toe description
Describing a Vehicle
License Plate
Also bumper stickers or damage
Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, etc.
Lumina, F150, Corolla, 2-4 door  etc.
(or variations in color)
(or year range)
Description of persons in thevehicle
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