Don’t Be So Trusting On The Phone

Just when you think there can’t be another scam, BOOM-another one pops up! Scams are never ending and victims whofall prey to these scam artists are left in the dark.
One way scam artists continue on is the fact that they are very fast talkers and gain the trust of
those unsuspecting citizens. They talk a good talk and before you know it, personal information
has been given over the phone and before the call ends, the damage has already started to occur.
Thousands of dollars has been collected by criminals. The only way to stop this trend is to
NEVER give information over the phone!
Remember, if your gut tells you something just isn’t right about a call, then it probably isn’t.
Before you ever give any sort of information over the phone, tell the caller you will call them back.
If they refuse to give you a phone number, then there’s your answer-PERIOD! A legitimate
company will allow you to call them back. Call a friend, relative or the police department non-
emergency line if something doesn’t seem right. Talk to someone you can trust.
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