Galloway Man Arrested For Threating to Blow up the Police & Fire Departments & Bridge

News Release No. 10242014
For Immediate Release:
A Galloway Township man was arrested by Brigantine Police Friday after a three month investigation in to threats being made to a local restaurant. According to police, Samuel Fairweather, 29, was charged by Detective Glasser with two counts of terroristic threats as well as one count each of creating a false public alarm, stalking, and harassment.

Fairweather allegedly telephoned a local restaurant over two hundred times between July and August 2014. According to the restaurant owner, the male voice on the line threatened to “blow up” his place of business along with other threats of violence and death. He also was reported by the victim to have threatened to “blow up” the Brigantine Police Department and the Brigantine Bridge. newsEvidence was gathered through the appropriate legal processes that led Brigantine Police to Fairweather, who was arrested and released on his own recognizance pending appearance in court. The investigation yielded no evidence of weapons or explosives.

The Brigantine Police Department would like to thank the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office and the Galloway Township Police Department for their assistance with this case. As a reminder, all suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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