Happy New Year 2015 !

new yearThe Brigantine Police Department wishes residents and visitors a Happy New Year! If you’re planning to have a party or a night on the town, you’re not alone. We will have officers out patrolling for any drivers who make the unfortunate choice to drink and drive. Officers will also be out on regular patrol. The Brigantine Police urges you NOT to drink & drive .Here are some things to keep in mind as you plan a safe New Year’s celebration:
If you plan to host a New Year’s Eve party…
• Make sure your guests have designated, sober drivers.
• Remind the sober drivers to look up addresses/directions prior to leaving and avoid other distractions.
• Never serve alcohol to guests under 21-years-of-age.
• Encourage guests to travel to the party by cab.
• Serve plenty of food…and include soft drinks, juice, and water.
• Take car keys from anyone who thinks about driving impaired.
• Keep the numbers for local cab companies on hand for impaired guests or arrange alternative transportation.
If you plan to attend a New Year’s Eve party, here are some tips to ensure that you arrive home safely:
• Designate your sober driver before the party begins and give them your car keys.
• Ensure your driver is clear on where to take you prior to leaving. Looking up directions while driving can be dangerous and unlawful.
• Volunteer to be the designated driver or offer to be one next time out.
• Before you party, program local cab company numbers in your cell phone so a safe ride is just a call away.
• Pace yourself. Avoid drinking too much alcohol too fast. Eat enough food, take breaks, and alternate with non-alcoholic drinks.
• Never let a friend out of sight if you think they’re about to drive impaired.
As motorists, you can help the Brigantine Police New Year’s and all of 2015 safe and happy by buckling up, slowing down, avoiding distractions, and driving sober. Keep in mind that while Brigantine Police Officers are always watching out for impaired drivers and other unsafe driving habits. Law enforcement everywhere are focused on keeping impaired drivers off of the road.
Please, keep this information in mind as you enjoy your time with friends and family. The Brigantine Police Department reminds you to stay safe as you celebrate and stay alert as you travel. Remember: If you see something, say something. This includes drunk drivers, fireworks, and any other suspicious or illegal activity. We wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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