Field Training Program

The Brigantine Police Department’s Field Training and Evaluation Program is a formal and structured program where a Recruit Officer (ROM) receives instruction in the field from specially selected experienced officers (FTOs). The goal of the Field Training and Evaluation program is to expose the Recruit Officer to a wide range of Law Enforcement (Police) Duties through close supervision and careful instruction.

A Recruit Officer must complete the State of New Jersey Standards and Training Commission Certification through an an approved Law Enforcement Training Academy.

The Field Training and Evaluation Program is designed as a screening process for the Brigantine Police Department in order to provide the highest level of service to the community. The performance of Recruit Officers are observed and evaluated on a daily basis through a standardized and uniform documentation process. This process provides an appraisal system where the Recruit Officer is allowed to progress and improve his/her performance throughout the training program.

The Recruit Officer will be required to meet or exceed the program objectives and standards. The Recruit Officer will be required to meet or exceed performance levels in the following areas: (1) Appearance, (2) Attitude, (3) Knowledge, (4) Performance, and (5) Relationships. Remedial training may be implemented to correct any deficiencies that are identified with the Recruit Officer’s performance.

Upon completion of the Field Training Program, the Field Training and Evaluation Program Coordinator will continue to evaluate the Recruit Officer(s) performance until the end of the his or hers one year probationary employment period.

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