How to make a small bedroom feel more expensive?

Modern Style
Use natural wood furniture Use a wide glass window Select light colors, especially white because it helps to make the room look more spacious and fresh.

Asian style with oriental-style pot Use roses or orchids.
View some of the works of art, like an antique jewelry box Put pillows and blankets with satin or silk patterned Style Japan Theme color is usually black, Brown or beige add artwork or furniture made from wood, bamboo wood floors Use Ga Yes Industrial Install bricks Use furniture and decorations made of iron that was polished and minimalist design plastic Pairs bold works of art with bold colors and unique shapes.

How to make a small bedroom feel more expansive

The style of the Rustic Walls and ceilings of wooden beams or rough stone place the old antique-style furniture, embroidered pillows, leather storage box.
The furniture should have rough finishing.
Use a large tree branches as decoration of the head of the bed/headboard Attach lights chandelier

How do I set up the interior of a bedroom?
Small size/under 9 square meters: the easiest way to save space is to use a bunk bed that leaves a lot of room below for other furniture. Another alternative is a folding bed or leaving the space under the bed for storage drawers. After putting the most important furniture-furniture then you can review how much room there is to place a wardrobe, table and chairs as well as decoration.

Medium-size large/& over 10 square meters: relatively free to determine the placement of the bed, wardrobe, table with chairs, shelving study books combined with the sofa. Suppose you want more space for other furniture but still with privacy, then you can place the sliding partitions around the bed or simply blinds. One of the most important tip is don’t close the light source. Put a bed next to the window so the idea can be bad or good, depending on the direction in which the window is constructed. If facing East, then there is a chance you will awaken with morning sun and light silaunya feel less comfortable. In General, position the furniture fit function. For example if you like to read then place a small table or shelf near the bed to put your books and reading glasses to make it more comfortable and practical.

How to make a small bedroom feel more expansive?
Change the color of the paint: often you thought the cream-colored can create memorable spaces more roomy, but real white color more effectively to give an impression of relief.
Select a neutral colored furniture simplistic and place the large mirrors to give the illusion of more space in the roomy bulkhead Remove

The color of paint what should I select for my bedroom?

  1. Blue
    Select the color royal blue to elegant impression. Match with the furniture and bed linen/bed cover is white.
  2. The unexpected, chocolate Brown is one of the most selected colors for the bedroom wall because it gives the feel of warm and comfortable. Combine with a soft orange color to produce maximum effect.
  3. Purple mauve or lavender are also still popular because in addition to the beautiful is also more flexible for styled as you wish.
  4. Salmon Color is guaranteed to be able to improve your mood and make the room itself so more colorful.
  5. White/beige Colour is often chosen because it gives the impression of a clean and quiet. But don’t forget to add some accent color so as not to be too monotonous.

How to organize a bedroom suit feng shui?

  1. The location and direction of the door
    The door should not be positioned opposite to the kitchen, bathroom or dealing with the main door of the House.
  2. Color paint Should select a color calm like a pale blue or green. But for a new partner for example, the color pink is not recommended as it tends to give the emotional effect.
  3. The location of the bedroom is the bed space who require privacy in the home. Then the bed should be placed away from the door. Besides, it should also not be placed at the door because it will bring bad luck. Position where the bed is placed should allow you to see the whole space with comfortable because it gives the feeling of more quiet so any sleep more soundly.

In general we recommend a bed placed close to a wall or bathroom opposite the bathroom door because the water system there is bad for health, and can lead to kidney problems. Being in a position like this is bad for the back so that the sleep quality will be bad.

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