The Brigantine Police Dept’s. Investigative Division operates at a full strength of four detectives. The detective bureau is responsible for following up on information reported to the patrol division. All information is processed and organized by a Detective who will be responsible for that case to its conclusion.

The Detective responds to crime scenes where the scene is protected, processed and photographed. The Detectives will collect evidence and prepare it for further analysis. Latent fingerprints, shoe and boot marks, as well as DNA Evidence for further analysis or court. On larger or more complex crime scenes, the Brigantine Detective Bureau works in conjunction with the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office as well as State and Federal Agencies

All detectives receive specialized training in evidence handling, interviewing techniques, as well as crime scene preservation and photography. Although all Detectives are cross-trained in as many areas as possible, certain cases are assigned to detectives who have advanced or specialized training.

Captain Robert Rubino  is the Investigation Division Commander and may be reached at (609)-266-7414

The Brigantine Police Department Detective Bureau consists of:


Captain Robert Rubino

Sergeant Ralph Spina

Detective Jack Glasser

Detective William Stroby

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