Emergency Notification System – Brigantine, NJ

    Thank you for  your interest in signing up for Brigantine’s Emergency  Notification System. We are proud to offer this new service to  the public. An Emergency Notification System,  as
they are sometimes known, gives those in charge of Public Safety  a chance to reach out to the public in case of an emergency  event. This system, combined with our other emergency alert  methods, is designed to get emergency messages to you the  public, quickly and effectively. This does not preclude you from  calling 911 if you need emergency information; it simply  provides an opportunity for us to disseminate critical  information to you if and when the need arises. The reason for  this form is to gather as many means of contact as you may have,  so that in the event of an emergency that affects Brigantine, we  can notify you in multiple ways.


We maintain a constantly updating database of all land line  telephone numbers registered in Brigantine. Feel free to list  any additional land line phone numbers, however we are most  interested in gathering cell phone numbers and email addresses.

If you have a Brigantine address, please provide it in the  Street Address field, in the event of a localized emergency your  local address will integrate with the notification systems  mapping capabilities.

This information will remain in the custody of the Brigantine  Office of Emergency Management and Global Connect at all times,
and will only be used for Emergency Notification purposes.

We appreciate you taking the time to share this important  information with us!


Please fill-in the form:









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