Q.  How can I contact the Brigantine Police Department?

A.  You can call the Brigantine Police Department at any time 24 hours a day – 7 days a week at (609) 266-7414. For emergencies dial 911. 
Our mailing address is:1417 West Brigantine Avenue, Brigantine NJ 08203.


Q.  How do I report a crime ?

A. I f the crime is in progress, call 9-1-1 immediately. Be prepared to provide the exact location of the event and give as many details as possible. Such details would include, if possible, a description of the actors, if any weapons were observed, a description of a motor vehicle and the condition of the victim.

If the information you have pertains to a crime that has already been committed or the whereabouts of a person wanted for a crime, please call Brigantine Police  609-266-7414 or our ATLANTIC COUNTY CRIME STOPPERS   Call the tip line at 652-1234 or 1-800-658-8477 or our online TIPLINE. Callers will remain anonymous.

Call 911 for anything related to an emergency such as:

  • a crime that is occurring now
  • a car crash
  • a possible drunk driver
  • life threatening medical emergencies

Call 609-266-7414 for all non-emergency related calls such as:

  • offenses that occurred in the past
  • non life threatening traffic concerns
  • non urgent requests for police service


Q.  How do I get a copy of a police report?

A.  After any report is taken by a Police Officer, it goes through a number of stages before it is available for release.  All reports are given a special incident number and each must be reviewed and approved by a Supervisor.  Once approved they are forwarded to the Records Room for processing and filing.  As a result we ask that you allow 7 to 10 work days before requesting a copy of a report.  You may obtain copies in person at the Records Window, in writing or through discovery.


Q.   Is a motor vehicle summons the same as a ‘ticket’?

A.  Yes, a motor vehicle summons is the same as a ‘ticket’.


Q.   How do I pay a motor vehicle summons?

A.  If you receive a motor vehicle summons in the City of Brigantine you can pay it in person at the Brigantine Municipal Court between the hours of 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, or via the Internet at NJMVC Direct. For more information, visit the Municipal Court page.


Q.  Where do I go to apply for a Handicapped Parking Permit?

A.  Temporary Handicapped Permits are available from the Chief’s Secretary at the Brigantine Police Department.  Application forms are available Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (excluding holidays). The person’s medical doctor must complete a portion of the application.  Permits are valid for 6 months and may be renewed for one additional 6 month period.  There is a fee of $4.00, payable by check made out to “N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission.”

Permanent Handicapped Parking placards and plates are issued by the N.J. Motor Vehicle Commission, and those applications are available at any DMV office or online at NJ MVC.


Q.  How do I apply for a firearms I.D. card?

A.  All firearms matters for the Brigantine Police Department are processed by A/Lieutenant Scott Mcclaskey.  Visit the Firearms Permit page for more information


Q.   Does the Police Department concentrate on certain roadways where speeding vehicles are a problem?

A.  The Police Department’s  handles these complaints and problem areas. Police units are assigned to enforcement details in areas where traffic problems have been determined to exist. If you have a specific complaint, please contact the Brigantine Police Department a 609-266-7414


Q. Are the use of headlights required when it is raining?

A. Yes. If you are using your wipers to clear precipitation from your windshield, you must have your headlights on.


 Q. How do I Report a Street or Area Light Outage ?

A. For Atlantic City Electric lights, To report the outage call 1-800-642-3780.

Q. I’m intimidated by officers, would they mind me saying “hi” or shaking their hand?

A. Please feel free to approach any officer and strike up a conversation… they are after all serving you, and we encourage not only the officers but the public as a whole to meet and get to know our officers, we firmly believe that the success of any Department is dependent on community support.


Q. Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood?

A. Yes, the Police Department depends on citizens calling to report crimes or suspicious activity. The police dispatcher   who takes your call will ask questions about the suspicious activity to determine its nature and ask for descriptions of the people involved. You may be asked if an officer or detective may contact you. Please call 609-266-7414 to report suspicious activity.


Q. Where an I find the City of Brigantine Local Ordiances

A. Click here to see the  Local Ordiance /  City Code


 Q. Is there a period before I can report somebody as missing?

A.  This is a common misconception. The answer is NO! The moment that you are concerned about a person’s whereabouts is the time to call. You  can make a missing person report anytime you realize that someone is missing.

Q. What should I do if I’m pulled over by the police?

 A. For many people, being pulled over by a Police Officer while driving in your car can be an extremely stressful event.

If a Police car pulls in behind you while driving and activates it’s emergency lights and/or siren, you should pull over to the side of the road as soon as it is safe.  Once you have pulled over, you should put the car in park and turn on the interior light.  This is for your safety as well as the safety of the Officer.

You have to remember that although you know you are a decent, law abiding citizen, the Police Officer behind you has no idea who you are and will be naturally cautious as numerous Officers are hurt and even killed each year during “routine” traffic stops.  When approached by the Officer, you will be asked for you driver’s license, vehicle registration card and proof of insurance for the car.

If you need to enter the glove compartment to retrieve the documents, just tell the Officer what you are doing and proceed to get your documents when instructed.

In order to make this traffic stop as safe and pleasant as possible for all involved, here are a few tips:

  • Do not make any sudden or violent movements.
  • Do not suddenly conceal or hide your hands.
  • Remain in the vehicle unless instructed to exit by the Officer.
As soon as the Officer has your documents, he will explain the reason for the traffic stop and may give a verbal warning,  or issue you a traffic summons.  If you have any questions, the Officer will attempt to answer them at the scene and will also provide you with the number for the Municipal Violations Bureau which is located on the back of the summons.



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