Halloween Safety Tips

Jack-O-Lanterns-200x167Brigantine  Police Department would like everyone to have a Safe and Happy Halloween!

• Share Safety Tips with your children. One fun way to be sure younger kids understand is to give them a Safety Quiz. This gives kids a chance to ask questions as well.

• Make sure children carry a flashlight and wear well-fitting, flame resistant costumes with reflective tape. Consider using face make-up rather than a mask so kids can see well.

• Drive safely and slowly, and remember that children are often hard to see, especially at
dusk and in dark costumes.

• Adults should always accompany younger children to parties or trick-or-treating. Set a time limit for older children who are trick-or-treating; make sure they stay in a group, and map out a route together so that you know where they’ll be.

• Remind all kids not to enter any house or car while out trick-or-treating.

• Kids should wait until they get home to eat any candy or treats. An adult should thoroughly check all treats for anything suspicious. Be sure all candies are in unopened, original wrappers. When in doubt, throw it out.

• If you plan to hand out candy or treats to trick-or-treaters, be sure your house is well lit, and remove objects from your yard and sidewalk that children might trip over such as garden hoses, bikes, or lawn ornaments.

• Consider using a glow stick or battery operated tea light inside jack-o-lanterns instead of a candle to avoid the risk of fire. If you do use a candle, a small votive candle is safest. Candle-lit jack-o-lanterns should be placed on a sturdy surface, away from anything flammable, and should never be left unattended.

• If you see any suspicious or unlawful activity, remember to notify police immediately.

Have a Safe and Happy Halloween!


Playing it Safe on Halloween: Pointers for Parents (PDF)

McGruff’s Halloween Safety Quiz and Coloring Page (PDF)

McGruff’s Halloween Safety Tips and Maze (PDF)

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