Chief James Bennett

Experience and Assignments Police:

 October 1987 to October 1991: US Army Active Duty, Special Weapons (Nuclear) Artillery, Communications and Intelligence Specialist                                   

 May 4th 1992:    Hired as Full Time Telecommunicator

 January 31st 1994: Appointed Police Officer for Brigantine Police Department

 August 2003: Appointed Acting Sergeant

 September 2003: Promoted to the rank of Sergeant

 May 2006 to May 2007: Appointed Deputy Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator

 June 2006 to January 2007: Acting Lieutenant Squad One

 May 2007 to Present:  Municipal Emergency Management Coordinator

 September 2007 to January 2008: Acting Lieutenant Squad One

 January 2008 to Present: Appointed to Chair Local Emergency Planning Council (LEPC)

 January 2008 to March 2015: Assigned to Administrative Lieutenants position

 May 2008: Appointed National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Coordinator 

 February 2009: Promoted to rank of Lieutenant  

 June 2009: Brigantine Community Center Committee member

 March 2015:  Assigned to Patrol Commander (Captain) position

 January 2016: Assigned Acting Chief of Police 

 March 1st 2016: Appointed Chief of Police

Emergency Management

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